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Updating Grim Glitchfield's Timeline for the Mythos

Hey everyone,

Been thinking the Tech Era and character and event timelines from that period. I definitely want to hammer out events and lives of Grim, Penelope, Sunny, and related characters. Focusing on Grim, I've slowly developing his timeline while I work on a new short story entitled, "Astralimina". While that story is nowhere near ready for prime time, I thought you all might find the timeline updates themselves to be interesting.

Here is an updated timeline of Grim's life. Note: these timelines are (as always) a work in progress.

Grim Glitchfield Timeline:

Grim’s Life: [165 D.C. to 275 D.C.]

164 D.C. - Deli-owner and butcher, Roland Glitchfield meets Artemis Valentaire at his shop.

165 D.C. - Artemis Valentaire has an artificial pregnancy with Roland as a genetic donor.

Grim is grown in a bag and born.

Artemis returns to Alchema leaving Grim with his father and grandparents.

170 D.C. - Grim meets his mother for the first time.

He is placed in the Apathia Public School System by his family.

184 D.C.- Grim adopts a pug from the Apathia Animal Shelter. Names him Ripley, or Rip for short.

187 D.C .- Grim gets his first job at a Seafood Preparation Facility.

He briefly meets Patrick Puck who also works there.

188 D.C. - Grim’s mother pays for him to pursue a Fine Arts Degree for two years.

He specializes in traditional oil painting.

189 D.C. - Grim begins dating the musician, Daphney Tsu-Avilon.

Grim attempts to pay for his own schooling by working at a Fishery.. He soon drops out of school.

190 D.C. - Grim runs out of money and begins working a second job as a street sweep.

Months later, he quits at the Fishery, but continues the street sweep job.

192 D.C. - Grim and Daphney Tsu-Avilon break up.

He meets waitress, Penelope Curtis, at the Wizard’s Bar in West Onyx.

193 D.C. - Grim and Penelope build a relationship. Penelope gets a new job at Artaro Corp.

194 D.C. - Grim quits his job and moves in with Penelope who now makes a lot of money.

He sells his first painting for 18,000 Stanley-bucks.

He quickly becomes an important figure in the High Art World of South Optera.

Penelope leaves Machina after Artaro Labs is attacked by Iconoclast Faction.

195 D.C.- Though Grim doesn’t know it, Penelope gives birth to his daughter, Sunny.

199 D.C. Grim begins a casual romantic relationship with art curator, Winona Skyline.

201 D.C. Dr. Webweaver and the Prismatic Labs Crew recruit Grim to infiltrate the Iconoclasts.

After reuniting with Penelope, the two are married in a small wedding in Glowyheart.

202 D.C. With Grim’s help, the Prismatic Labs Crew take down Dr. Scathe of the Iconoclast Faction.

206 D.C. Despite expensive Cellular Programming treatment, Grim’s dog, Rip, dies of old age.

216 D.C. - Grim is 51 years old. Penelope is a hologram. Sunny is 22 years old.

275 D.C. - Stabbed by a Neo-Iconoclast during a talk at an art exhibition in Alchema. Dies the following day.


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