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A Story Development Roadmap Emerges

The more I've thought about it, the new concept of a six volume/sixty part story model works very nicely indeed.

DREAM OPERATIONS is the story of the High Tech Era and the use of Dream Machines at the Artaro Corporation. These machines were used for everything from basic dream advertising, to mass psychological control through the use of nightmares, to awakening reason through the use of Lucid Dreams.

Each volume is to consist of ten stories. Some of these are short stories. Some of these are chapters from existing manuscripts. I've chosen this direction because I need to be able to focus on one chapter or story at a time, and I need to be able to release the short stories that way. This is because I am not working with an editor or publisher and need to be able to break things up into bit size chunks so that I can release them one by one as short stories on Amazon's Kindle Ebook store. At least that is the plan.

Besides that, each of these stories is to be outlined and prepared for comic book scripting. My dream for this project is to create 60 comic book scripts and to eventually produce 60 comic book issues. That would be amazing.

So that's the plan.

Looking at production on the short stories, I'm currently focusing on a story about Grim in the year 191 D.C. called "Subnautica". I've made it over half way through the story, but still need to work on the rising action and ending for a while. I'm hoping to put that one out within the next month or two. After that, I'd like to re-release "Emoti-Punk" (192 D.C.) with some added detail and supplemental info at the back of the story. My hope is to put both of these stories on the Kindle Ebook store.

Here' the basic structure as it stands: Volume 1: "Foundations"

  1. “Sublimina” (175 to 179 D.C.) [OPENING/PILOT]

  2. “Hypnotica” (186 D.C.)

  3. “Subnautica” (190 D.C.)

  4. “Emoti-Punk” (192 to 193 D.C.)

  5. “Orange Sugar Pop” (193 D.C.)

  6. “View From the Top” (193 D.C.)

  7. “The Seven Faction Flag” (193 D.C.)

  8. “Secret In the Circuit” (193 D.C.)

  9. “The Gilded Serpent” (193 D.C.)

  10. “Parade Day” (193 D.C.)

Volume 2: "Lucidity"

  1. “A Lesson in Dreams” (193 D.C.)

  2. “The Artaro Life” (193 D.C.)

  3. “Step Into The Dream Machine” (193 D.C.

  4. “Penelope, The Sellout” (193 D.C.)

  5. “Nickelpoint Mountain” (193 D.C.)

  6. “The Iconoclast” (193 D.C.)

  7. “Stanley and Candy” (194 D.C.)

  8. “A Lucid Dream, Glitched” (194 D.C.)

  9. “A Lucid Dream, Glitched Pt. 2” (194 D.C.)

  10. “Aftermath” (194 D.C.)

Volume 3: "Destiny"

  1. “Ephemera” (195 D.C.)

  2. “The Ego Machine” (196 D.C.)

  3. “Lost in Optera” (197 D.C.)

  4. “The Adularians” (197 D.C.)

  5. “The Diplomats” (198 D.C.)

  6. “Industrial Nightmares” (199 D.C.)

  7. “High Art World” (199 D.C.)

  8. “Penelope Strikes a Deal” (200 D.C.)

  9. “Secret Mission pt. 1” (200 D.C.)

  10. “Secret Mission pt. 2” (200 D.C.)

Volume 4: "Terror"

  1. “Of Art and Artaro” (201 D.C)

  2. “The Era of Prosperity” (201 D.C.)

  3. “Glowyheart” (201 D.C.)

  4. “The Logician’s Stone” (201 D.C.)

  5. “The Levers of Power” (201 D.C.)

  6. “The Wardenclyffe Institute” (201 D.C.)

  7. “The Shadow Stone” (201 D.C.)

  8. “Puck, the Dark Operator” (201 D.C.)

  9. “Prismatic Labs Strikes” (201 D.C.)

  10. “The Wrath of Wardenclyffe” (201 D.C.)

Volume 5: "Nightmare"

  1. “The Ithica Hotel” (201 D.C.)

  2. “Chaos in Apathia” (201 D.C.)

  3. “Hot War” (201 D.C.)

  4. “Detente” (201 D.C.)

  5. “The Lucidity Stone” (201 D.C.)

  6. “Stanley and the Network News” (201 D.C.)

  7. “The Airship” (201 D.C.)

  8. “The Sins of Dr. Scathe pt. 1” (202 D.C.)

  9. “The Sins of Dr. Scathe pt. 2” (202 D.C.)

  10. “Holograms” (202 D.C.)

Volume 6: "Knowledge"

  1. “Sunny” (216 D.C.)

  2. “The Town Master” (216 D.C.)

  3. “Astralimina” (216 D.C.)

  4. “Dream Spycraft” (217 to 218 D.C.)

  5. “The Enemies of Machina” (219 D.C.)

  6. “Resume Operations” (220 D.C.)

  7. “The Rise of Rutherford” (221 D.C.)

  8. “A Crack in Reality pt. 1” (222 D.C.)

  9. “A Crack in Reality pt. 2” (223 D.C.)

  10. "Dreams and Visions (224 to 230 D.C.)[SERIES FINALE]

As you can see, there's a lot to work on. But that's the structure. So, I feel good that a plan has formulated.

I remember some time back when the larger timeline took shape. It was a similar feeling. I suddenly knew where all the stories took place in relation to each other. Staying organized in storytelling can be quite useful!

Thanks for the continued support everyone.


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