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Crystalline Mythos Story Updates 2024

Hey everyone!

I wanted to let you all know how things are going, and spread a bit of news regarding the state of my science fiction project in 2024. It's been a challenging time in many ways, but I've stayed productive! Let me take a few minutes to explain some of my recent progress.

First, this year I've had a more relaxed work schedule which has allowed me to spend a bit more time at home. That's meant more time to hang out with my wife, Brianne, and to catch up with friends and to work on my art and writing projects. Today, we took our dog, Charlie, for a walk, and I spent a while getting started on the next short story, A Lesson in Dreams. Now, I have to try to get into science fiction mode so I get some writing work done lol.

Where I'm at with my project:

Late last year, I released a collection of nine short stories called Dream Operations Vol. 1. These stories focus on the primary plot line of the High Tech Era in Machina, and feature all of the main characters like Dr. Webweaver, Penelope, and Grim. It's out on Kindle eBook, and I would highly encourage you to consider reading it, rating it, and giving it a review. I'd also be very happy to hear any feedback or thoughts you might have from reading and learning about the project. This collection includes maps, character info, and more, as well. I'll include a link to find it on the Amazon Kindle eBook store HERE:

What else have I been working on recently?

One thing I've been working on to move the project forward has been a few prequel stories. These are fun because they are standalone stories, and can serve as an alternative way to jump into the universe of The Crystalline Mythos.

The newest story is called Fantasmi-Color and this is one I would really like for people to read. Because it's brand new, only a few people have actually read it, and I could really use some feedback, as well as some rating and review for Amazon. It's about a secret organization called the Office of Paranormal Affairs who protect the Earth from aliens and entities. It's set in a period called the Twentieth Century Sim (or Good Ol' Days) which basically means it takes place in the 1950s and 60s. The story includes a lot of interesting little historical references and includes a number of American Presidents as characters. I'd be really curious what readers think about it all. Pick up a copy on the Amazon Kindle eBook store HERE:

I'd also like to recommend my previous prequel story, The Star Clock, which has more of a sci-fi mystery theme and includes many lovecraftian elements. This tale takes place a bit earlier in the timeline, more specifically in 1920s Nevada. It focuses on a small archeological team who discover an alien artifact known as the Star Clock of Adularia. Over the course of the story, we learn about the properties of this artifact, but also how the presence of the clock affects both the archeological team and nearby local town known as the Silent Mesas. I'd love to hear any thoughts or feedback readers might have about this story as well. Here's a link to The Star Clock on the Amazon Kindle eBook store:

Beyond all of that, I just hope everyone is doing well. This year has already been tough in a lot of ways. I definitely miss Champion a lot. In the future, I plan to release newly edited versions of a few of the short sci-fi horror stories that the two of us wrote together around 2021. I'll most likely just send those ones around for free, but I'd like to give them some improved cover art and another edit as well. I'll make sure to update everyone as I make progress on things.

Working on independent sci-fi as a hobby has been rewarding at times, but it's also a bit of a niche hobby that sometimes people don't necessarily know the best way to interact with. Honestly, I totally get it. But, I can't help but point people towards my writing projects, website, and Patreon Support page. I'd very much encourage people to sign up for the Patreon, as it serves as a blog, with various perks, occasional sticker mailouts, and early story releases. It's only $3 to sign up and it's one of the best ways to support the project. For everyone who has signed up already, thanks again! It's been a lot of help! Art supplies are expensive lol so I really appreciate it. The Crystalline Mythos Patreon Support Page Check it out here:

Remember, one of the best ways to see project progress is just to follow The Crystalline Mythos on Instagram or Threads. I do a lot of illustrations, paint pen paintings, and digital art, and I usually share them there. Or just check out the website at: 

I think that's about everything. I really just hope you all are doing well and I want to say thanks to everyone who has reached out this year. I'd be curious to learn about what art others are working on as well, especially if that includes any illustration or creative fiction writing!

Take care!



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